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Wordless Wednesday: A New & Unbelievable Glasses Trend!

September 30, 2010



Wordless Wednesday: You Don’t Think You Need Reading Glasses, Huh?

August 25, 2010

(Learn more about the illustrator Mike Gruhn!)

Aging Gracefully: Do You Think Grey Hair and Glasses are Sexy and Distinguished?

August 12, 2010

It’s a great aging debate; as you age, do you dye your hair to get rid of the grey? The consensus seems to be that women think it’s attractive and distinguished on men, but women don’t like it on themselves and feel the need to banish it as soon as it appears.

Reading glasses are another thing that goes hand-in-hand with aging. Requiring them is inevitable for many people and with so many different looks available, they can be incredibly stylish. But the real question we’d like to ask you is if you think that reading glasses are sexy and distinguished on the over 40 crowd. We’re not just asking if you like them, we’re wondering if they truly fulfill the ideologies of sexy secretary or distinguished gentleman!

When to Get Reading Glasses: What Age Were You?

July 27, 2010

There tend to be people who come from two different groups of thought when it comes to getting older and using things like reading glasses that are closely linked to age. Some hold out as long as possible as they don’t want to admit they’re getting older; others will embrace their changing needs and do whatever they need to make their lives more comfortable.

Reading glasses are usually required after the age of 40. But that doesn’t mean everyone starts wearing reading glasses when they need them. Share with us when you decided it was time to start listening to the signs of age!